We know that sometimes taking the first steps to get help can be scary, so we’ve put together some information for you so you can feel a bit more comfortable.
We’ve complied some of our favorite apps, websites and support line numbers, along with some downloadable brochures, so that if you’re just looking for information or looking for an app to help you, you can find it all here.

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Mental Health Stepped Care for Health Professionals

Mental Health Stepped Care (MHSC) is a model that focuses on the client and their needs. As a client’s needs become more or less severe, their care will fluctuate with them: their service providers will step up or step down along with the client, to ensure a continuity of appropriate care.

One of MHSC’s core tenants is its whole-of-person approach, acknowledging how other factors such as physical health or social health can affect mental health. The model actively engages with the whole person to promote integrated and wrap-around care. It values the engagement of health professionals from multiple disciplines to provide the best care to clients.

To learn more about referring a client, please click here.


  • Health professionals in Victoria can phone DACAS for 24 hour clinical support, advice and secondary consultation from specialist addiction medicine consultants. Phone 1800 812 804 to speak to an addiction medicine consultant, or visit the DACAS website here for more information.
  • MSRS
  • Scriptwise
  • COPE
  • The First Stop
  • Reconnexion